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You want to remove dirt from the surface of your property and to keep it away for as long as possible.  Professional Pressure Washing Companies use sodium hypochlorite together with other cleaning products such as degreasers to provide the client with the best possible results.  Additionally, a Professional Pressure Washing Company will be able to change the ratio of cleaning products to water dependent on the task at hand. An Amateur is likely to use only water and high pressure, this will not sufficiently clean your home and the possibility of damage to your property is far greater.

A Professional Pressure Washing company will not use ladders to pressure wash your home.  It is not safe to handle a pressure washer while on a ladder, and pressure washing a property this closely is more likely to cause damage.  If a professional is unable to clean with their feet firmly on the ground, they will use commercial lifting equipment as this provides a stable platform and enough distance to pressure wash your property safely.

The longer it takes an amateur, or you, to pressure wash your home the more water you will be using.  The money you saved by taking a “cheaper” option and not hiring a professional will be swallowed up by the increase in your next water bill. Professional Pressure Washing companies, with commercial grade equipment, will clean your property in less time and will use less water.  

Windows should not be cleaned with a pressure washer, this is unsafe and likely to result in damage, breakage or water to be forced into your home.  A Professional Pressure Washer will use cleaning products that ensure your windows are not left with watermarks or streaks when they pressure wash.  Windows will be cleaned as the water runs down the side of your home, but a Professional Pressure Washer will never use a pressure washer to directly clean windows.

Professional Pressure Washing companies will be able to provide you with client testimonials and a referral list.  This is a great back-up to online reviews and friend recommendations.  If testimonials, a referral list or online reviews are not available this could mean that the company is new and inexperienced, or they are not a good company. Professional Pressure Washers know the importance of reputation in gaining new clients and keeping existing ones.Why hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company?

Why hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company?

Hiring an amateur or doing the work yourself may seem to save you money but the results can be far costlier.  Pressure washing incorrectly can cause paint removal, gouged wood, siding damage, broken windows and more.  Professional Pressure Washers are experts, they have the experience, knowledge and the right tools to clean your property to a high standard, in a reasonable amount of time.

Licensed and Insured
Experienced Professional Pressure Washing companies understand that accidents can happen.  This is why professionals have insurance and will not hesitate to provide you with a certificate of insurance.  NEVER take proof of insurance at face value, it is possible for someone to provide you with insurance information that is no longer valid.  Call the agent listed on the certificate and confirm the insurance is still active.

As a Professional Pressure Washing company we have commercial grade pressure washing units.  Consumer equipment is not built for extended use and does not have the same capability as commercial equipment.  Commercial grade equipment pushes more water per second than a household water supply can directly maintain, so a professional pressure washing company will always carry their own supply of water as a buffer.  A Professional Pressure Washing company will have their commercial equipment built in to the bed of a truck or trailer, because commercial grade equipment is large and heavy.