​If you can't find the answer to your question below please call us or use the our Contact page to send us your questions.  We are more than happy to answer any and all questions to ensure our Customers get the best possible service.

Do you only provide services to the Atlanta area?

No, Enhance Power Washing is able to serve customers anywhere in the state of Georgia as well as Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida.

Would you offer discounts if I can get some of my neighbors to have their houses cleaned at the same time as mine? 

Yes, we do offer multi-property discounts.

How often should I have my house cleaned? 

Every 12 to 18 months, or sooner if you notice your house getting dirty.

Do you clean gutters? 

No, we only clean the outside of gutters but if you contact us we can recommend some reliable companies that do.

Can you get gum off concrete? 

Yes, we have the equipment to remove gum from concrete.

After you have cleaned is there anything I can do to slow or stop mold coming back? 

After a full pressure washing you can slow the return of mold by periodically spraying effected areas with bleach.  After a cleaning service has been completed our Pressure Washing Team will always talk you through any maintenance you can do to help prolong the sparkling clean property we leave you with.

Do you clean windows? 

Windows are washed as part of a house washing, we do not offer a windows only cleaning service.

How do you protect plants from the chemicals you use? 

The products we use are biodegradable and will not damage your plants or grass.

Do you clean vinyl siding? 

Yes, we do.

Can pressure washing damage my property? 

Yes, if not done properly or by a professional.  We use specific techniques and products that enable us to clean your property without causing damage.

Are you licensed and insured? 

Yes, we are.

Can you remove graffiti? 

Yes, we have the required equipment and cleaning products on hand to remove graffiti.

Are there any weather conditions you cannot pressure wash during? 

We cannot pressure washing if the temperature drops below freezing or if it is raining heavily.  Light rain does not prevent us from completing our services.

Do you clean roofs? 

No, at this time we do not offer a roof cleaning service.  This is a service we are looking to add in the near future.

Can you clean parking structures? 

Yes, we are able to clean any size parking structure.

Do you offer annual maintenance contracts? 

Yes.  Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Can you clean commercial kitchens? 

We do offer some cleaning services for commercial kitchens, contact us with your specific requirements and we can take it from there.

After you have cleaned my property Is there any aftercare I can do to help my property stay clean for longer? 

Our Pressure Washing Team will discuss aftercare specific to your requirements once they have finished cleaning your property.

Do you clean RV’s, caravan’s and trailers? 

Yes, contact us for a quote.

Do you clean boats? 

Yes, contact us for a quote.

Do you need access to external water point at my property? 

Usually yes, but our pressure washing teams do arrive with a full 500 gallons on board.

Do I have to move potted plants or furniture before you clean my property? 

It is helpful if furniture and plants are moved prior to our arrival, but we are happy to move light furniture and small items for you with your permission. 

Do you use ladders or lifts to clean my property? 

For a normal 1 or 2 level residential property we do not require ladders or lifts.  Check out our video at the top of the page to see how we clean.

What payment methods do you accept? 

Cash, check or credit card.

Do I need to be home when you come to clean? 

No, as long as we are able to access all areas you require cleaning.

Do you clean wood fences and brick walls? 

Yes, any height and any length.

Do you offer discounts if I use you to clean commercial properties in multiple locations? 

Yes, discounts vary depending on number of properties and their distance from each other.  Contact us for your free quote.

Can you clean commercial properties when they are closed? 

Yes.  This is preferred to ensure we are not causing an inconvenience to your customers or neighboring businesses.

How long is my quote valid for? 

Quotes are valid for 60 days unless stated otherwise on your quote.

How do I find out about your latest offers/discounts? 

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn or use the Contact page to send us your information and make sure you check the keep me updated box before hitting send.

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